Building KLLG Radio, Low-Power FM in Willits, CA.  

!! BIG UPDATE !!    

          Many people have asked us to Stream, because they live too far away to get the FM signal.  SO, when 30 people donate $50 each; the next day we WILL start streaming.

Willits  new hometown radio station, KLLG 97.9, low power FM, is on the air with a growing list of programs.  (Check out our programs at  We need your help to build out our capacity to serve the community.  The basic equipment is in place.  We have eager volunteers.  Now we need all the extras that make a radio station work consistently for both programmers and listeners.

Our wish-list is big, but here are the essentials;

Broadcasting equipment: A new ( FCC required ) Emergency Alert System, additional headphones, microphone boom-arms, a second CDplayer, microphone stands, a console, a telephone hybrid to handle incoming phone calls and telephone interviews, pre-amps, a second phonograph turntable, and more will enable us to provide programmers with more options and listeners with more varied and richer programs.  The console alone comes to over $4,000.  New and upgraded broadcasting equipment will cost $11,250.

Signal cleaning hardware:  a good strong signal is essential to listenable radio.  Much of this equipment will help us broadcast events in the Grange Hall, as well as overcoming noise interference from the Hall’s antiquated electrical system.  Cost:  around $1,950.

Recording booth:  while the studio is in use programmers currently have no option but to use their own equipment, often little more than a laptop, to record programs.  A small recording booth will make it possible to pre-record part or all of a program, as well as Public Service Announcements and Underwriter thank you's.  Cost:  just $1,750.

And after we make our goal?  We are saving up for the big item on our wish-list, a recording studio.  This will enable the station to offer an off-air recording studio which will allow programers the ability to prerecord their shows when the broadcast studio is in use.  It will also provide financial support for KLLG through rental of the recording studio to performers of all sorts.  But this is a big ticket item, projected to cost as much as $9,500.

Ultimately, we would like back-up, emergency power to ensure that we can continue to serve Little Lake Valley and environs in the event of an electrical black-out.  Our borrowed Emergency Alert System, depends upon continuous power.


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